Turning visions into reality


The production of a festival or large public event is a complicated process. It covers everything from concept and design to build up and break down, from creative to technical, from site production to decorating. Not to mention all the crew, companies and stakeholders involved. And then there's permits, safety and finances. This might feel overwhelming to you, but to us this feels like home!

We are project managers, specialized in all areas of festival production. We will not only take care of the production side, but will help you manage all aspects leading up to the event, during show and after completion. As your production partner, we will help you turn your vision into reality. Whether you're in the concepting stage for a new festival or if your event has been around for years.

Main services

Creative production

It all starts with a concept and an audience. Who are your visitors and what kind of mood and atmosphere do you want to create for them? We work with the hottest creative designers and producers, specialized in designing, developing and creating memorable surroundings and stages to meet and enhance your visitor's experience.

Technical production

This is your chance to impress your audience and turn your vision into reality. Lighting, audio, video, stage design, special effects, rigging and electrical layouts; we have all the knowledge in house to implement them at any location, from forest to venue. We work with the best and brightest to promiss a stress-free and smooth on-site operation.

Site production

When the designs are ready, we proceed into site production. Again, you need a plan – to make sure you obtain all permits and to ensure everyone’s safety, while offering the best visitor experience. This includes all visitor facilities, routing and logistics on and around the festival site, from road plates and layering to toilets. We manage all suppliers that enter the site during build-up and breakdown, making sure your event is built on time, within budget and stays true to its designs.

Deco production

Now for the cherry on top; the decorations. A lot of thought and attention goes into designing and building this, to really bring your concept to life and leave an unforgettable, lasting impression on your audience. We understand that the devil is in the details, which is why we work with great freelance designers that fit your specific event.

What can we do for you?

We are happy to work on the organization side of your event. As no event is the same, we provide customization that fits your needs. Whether it's a single event service or full festival production, an experienced event freelancer or a whole festival team; always with a personal, transparant and collaborative approach.

Would you like to see what we can do for you? Please contact us! We'd love to hear all about your ideas.