Event freelancers

Supplying stand-out crew

Event freelancers

At Het Klassiek we nurture raw talent and support freelancers during their development. By doing so, over the years we have recruited and trained a talented pool of event freelancers within artist, finance and production. Whether you're looking for a single specialist force or a full event team; all staffing requests are welcome and we're happy to help. Moreover, we take all the work off your hands.

Main services


We are specialized in artist advancing and artist handling and can provide you with the right event freelancers for every position within this scope. From advancing in the office, to artist check in crew, (live) stagemanagement, runners, ground transport and overall management on site.


We are specialized in event finance and the different payment systems that are on the market right now, from tokens to pin-only and everything in between. To ensure safe, efficient and reliable finance on and around your event terrain, we provide you with a complete and experienced finance team.


Whether it's technical, creative, site or deco production; our talent pool of experienced event freelancers is at your service. From site support with little experience and experienced site and deco crew during construction to production managers and producers to design and manage the full production; we know the right freelancers for the job!


Some positions can't be categorized into artist, finance or production. Such as entrance management for guests and visitors, traffic coordination and other allround positions. For these positions, we have very experienced crew that knows their way on and around a festival and also how to manage an event team in different areas.

What can we do for you?

We are happy to work on the organization side of your event. As no event is the same, we provide customization that fits your needs. Whether it's a single event service or full festival production, an experienced event freelancer or a whole festival team; always with a personal, transparant and collaborative approach.

Would you like to see what we can do for you? Please contact us! We'd love to hear all about your ideas.